Come here especially, live up to expectations

Time:2020-08-11 Editor:admin Visit:1312

At the beginning of July, midsummer is approaching, and the agreement with Mu Zhan came as scheduled.

At the beginning of July, midsummer is approaching,

Mu convention and exhibition, scheduled from.

Unexpected crowds
For three consecutive days
Or moved, or pleased, or unexpected, or pleasantly surprised
The epidemic has separated people
But it can't pull the sincerity of seeking truth and exploring the electronics and new material industries.

The epidemic caused masks to block our breath, but they could not extinguish our enthusiasm for the exhibition

Technology and beauty coexist, explosive products are gathered here

"Those with ambitions don't take the mountains and seas as far away, and those who are obedient, don't take the close at hand", although from all corners of the world, but with a heart for the new material industry, let us know each other in the exhibition.

We firmly believe that treating each other with sincerity and commitment with quality can establish long-term stable and happy cooperative relations. People from all walks of life are welcome to come to guide and negotiate to create a better future.

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