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  • QBe2.0

    QBe2.0 Beryllium Bronze contains a small amount of nickel and is a high-performance copper alloy with good mechanical, physical, and chemical comprehensive properties; it has high strength, hardness, elasticity, and wear resistance after solid solution and age hardening (quenching and tempering). Resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, explosion resistance, yield and fatigue limit; at the same time, it also has high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and cold resistance, non-magnetic, no spark when hit, easy to weld and braze, easy to process , Excellent cooling effect, excellent corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, fresh water and sea water.

    Used in high-precision electronic, plastic and optical molds where the water can not pass as inserts for heat dissipation, mold cores, punches, hot runner cooling systems, communication preparation equipment, electronic and electrical equipment, instruments, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, and processed parts Raw materials.

    QBe2.0 Chemical composition w/% Implementation standards
    Be Co+Ni Cu Al Fe Si Pb
    1.8-2.1 Ni 0.2-0.5 margin 0.15 0.15 0.15 0.005 GB/T 5231-2001

    QBe2.0 Analysis of mechanical properties and electrical conductivity
    Status Tensile strength/MPa Elongation/% HardnessB/C/HV
    Soft (hardened) 400-600 ≥30 ≥130HV
    Hard (cold rolled after quenching) ≥650 ≥25 ≥170HV
    Soft aging ≥1150 ≥2 ≥320HV
    Hard aging ≥1200 ≥1.5 ≥360HV

    Available status
    Brush name ASTM name Description
    A TB00 Solution annealing state (quenched state)
    ¼H TD01 Quarter hard
    ½H TD02 Half hard (semi-hard)
    ¾H TD03 Three quarters hard state
    H TD04 Hard state (full hard)
    AT TF00 Standard aging heat treatment in quenched state
    ¼HT TH01 Quarter hard standard heat treatment
    ½HT TH02 1/2 hard standard aging heat treatment
    ¾HT TH03 Three-quarter hard aging heat treatment
    HT TH04 Standard aging heat treatment in hard state (process of comprehensive strengthening of deformation and aging)

    Product application field