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  • C17500

    Highly conductive deformed alloy

    C17500 beryllium cobalt copper has excellent cold workability and good hot workability. It is mainly used as fuse clips, fasteners, spring switches and relay parts.

    C17500 Chemicalcomposition w/% Implementation standards
    Be Co+Ni Cu Pb Al Fe Si
    0.4-0.7 2.4-2.7 margin 0.15 0.15 0.15 ASTM

    Analysis of mechanical properties and electrical conductivity of low beryllium copper C17500
    Status Tensile Strength/MPa Rockwell hardness/B Conductivity/min% IACS
    A(TB00) Solution treatment state 240-380 B 50min 20
    H(TD04) Solution heat treatment cold working hard state 450-550 B 60-80 20
    After precipitation heat treatment
    AT(TF00) Precipitation heat treatment 690-895 92-100 45
    HT(TH04) Hard and precipitation heat treatment 760-965 95-102 48

    Available status
    Brush name ASTM name Description
    A TB00 Solution annealing state (quenched state)
    ¼H TD01 Quarter hard
    ½H TD02 Half hard (semi-hard)
    ¾H TD03 Three quarters hard state
    H TD04 Hard state (full hard)
    AT TF00 Standard aging heat treatment in quenched state
    ¼HT TH01 Quarter hard standard heat treatment
    ½HT TH02 1/2 hard standard aging heat treatment
    ¾HT TH03 Three-quarter hard aging heat treatment
    HT TH04 Standard aging heat treatment in hard state (process of comprehensive strengthening of deformation and aging)
    Note: In the Brush name:
    "A" stands for solid solution annealing (annealed, the alloy is in the softest state, and it is easy to be stamped and formed, and needs to be processed in the next cold process or directly strengthened during the expiration period);
    "H" stands for cold working state(hard);
    "T" indicates that the material has been subjected to aging hardening by standard heat treatment (heat treatment indicates that the aging strengthening heat treatment has been performed).

    Product application field