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  • C17200

      When used as an insert in a plastic mold, C17200 Beryllium Cobalt Copper can effectively reduce the temperature in the heat concentration zone, simplify or eliminate the design of the cooling channel. The excellent thermal conductivity of beryllium-cobalt copper is about 3-4 times better than that of the mold steel. This feature can ensure that plastic products cool quickly and uniformly, reduce product deformation, unclear shape details, and similar defects, which can be significant in most cases. To shorten the production cycle of the product. Therefore beryllium cobalt copper can be widely used:
    1. Moulds, cores, inserts that require fast and uniform cooling, especially high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and good polishing requirements;
    2. Converging cavity of nozzle and hot runner system in injection molding; molds, mold cores and inserts in corners of TV casings in injection molds;
    3. The pinch-off part of the blow mold, the insert of the ring and the handle.

    C17200 Chemical composition w/% Implementation standards
    Be Co+Ni Cu Pb Si Fe Al
    1.8-2.0 ≥0.2 bal. - 0.15 0.15 0.15 ASTM

    C17200 Analysis of mechanical properties and electrical conductivity
    Status Tensile Strength/MPa Yield Strength/MPa Elongation/% HardnessB/C Vickers hardness/HV Conductivity/%IACS
    A(TB00) 420-550 210-390 30-60 B 45-78 ≤140 15-19
    ¼H(TD01) 520-620 420-570 20-45 B 68-90 120-220 15-19
    ½H(TD02) 590-710 520-670 12-30 B 88-96 140-240 15-19
    H(TD04) 700-850 630-810 2-18 B 96-102 ≥170 15-19
    AT(TF00) 1160-1380 980-1240 3-15 C 36-42 ≥320 22-28
    ¼HT(TH01) 1230-1450 1050-1310 3-10 C 36-43 320-420 22-28
    ½HT(TH02) 1300-1520 1120-1380 1-8 C 38-44 340-440 22-28
    HT(TH04) 1330-1550 1160-1450. 1-6 C 38-45 ≥360 22-28

    Available status
    Brush name ASTM name Description
    A TB00 Solution annealing state (quenched state)
    ¼H TD01 Quarter hard
    ½H TD02 Half hard (semi-hard)
    ¾H TD03 Three quarters hard state
    H TD04 Hard state (full hard)
    AT TF00 Standard aging heat treatment in quenched state
    ¼HT TH01 Quarter hard standard heat treatment
    ½HT TH02 1/2 hard standard aging heat treatment
    ¾HT TH03 Three-quarter hard aging heat treatment
    HT TH04 Standard aging heat treatment in hard state (process of comprehensive strengthening of deformation and aging)
    Note: In the Brush name:
    "A" stands for solid solution annealing (annealed, the alloy is in the softest state, and it is easy to be stamped and formed, and needs to be processed in the next cold process or directly strengthened during the expiration period);
    "H" stands for cold working state(hard);
    "T" indicates that the material has been subjected to aging hardening by standard heat treatment (heat treatment indicates that the aging strengthening heat treatment has been performed).

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