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  • Product introduction

    Beryllium bronze (referred to as beryllium copper) is a supersaturated solid solution copper-based alloy. It is a non-ferrous alloy with good combination of mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical properties and corrosion resistance. High strength limit, elastic limit, yield limit and fatigue limit, at the same time with high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high hardness and wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, good casting performance, non-magnetic and non-sparking under impact Produces other properties.

    High elasticity
    High hardness
    High strength
    High conductivity
    High thermal conductivity
    Good forming performance
    Good fatigue performance
    Excellent corrosion resistance
    No spark impact
    1. All the company's products are made of high-quality new materials, advanced production equipment, vacuum melting furnaces, and smelting of metal materials under vacuum conditions, which can achieve the effect of high temperature smelting and avoid the oxidation of metal and air oxygen Role, quality is more secure;
    2, 20MN double acting reverse extrusion machine;
    3. Equipped with universal testing machines, direct-reading spectrometers and other comprehensive testing instruments, which strictly control the quality and perform layer-by-layer testing.
    Spot inventory: The company has a large scale, high output, fast efficiency, and sufficient inventory;
    Factory direct sales: The company's scale procurement, scale production, scale sales reduce the cost of middlemen and production lines greatly reduce costs and prices are more favorable;
    Quality service: A high-quality service team and a dedicated customer service manager provide you with comprehensive pre-sale, sale and after-sales service 24 hours.
    Professional team: The company adheres to the business philosophy of "treat each other with sincerity and promise with quality", carries forward the enterprise spirit of "team, forge ahead, high efficiency and service", and continuously improves customer satisfaction.
    People from all walks of life are welcome to guide and negotiate for a better future.

    Chemical composition w/% Implementation standards
    Numbering Be Co+Ni Cu Fe Pb Si Al
    C17200 1.8-2.0 Co+Ni≥0.2 margin 0.15 - 0.15 0.15 ASTM
    C17300 1.8-2.0 Co+Ni≥0.2 margin 0.15 0.2-0.6 0.15 0.15
    C17500 0.4-0.7 Co 2.4-2.7 margin 0.15 - 0.15 0.15
    C17510 0.2-0.6 Co≤0.3,Ni 1.4-2.2 margin 0.15 - 0.15 0.15
    QBe2.0 1.8-2.1 Ni 0.2-0.5 margin 0.15 0.005 0.15 0.15 GB/T5233-2001
    BeCo1Ni1 0.4-0.7 Co 0.8-1.3,Ni 0.8-1.3 margin 0.02 - 0.02 0.04 EN12163
    Note: other alloy specifications are customized according to customer requirements

    Analysis of mechanical properties and electrical conductivity(AT/TF00)
    Grade Tensile Strength /MPa Yield Strength /MPa Elongation % Hardness Conductivity %IACS
    C17200 1160-1380 980-1240 3—15 36-42HRC 22-28
    C17300 1160-1380 980-1240 3—15 36-42HRC 22-28
    C17500 700-920 560-710 10—25 92-100HRB 45-60
    C17510 700-920 560-710 10—25 92-100HRB 45-60
    QBe2.0 1160-1380 980-1240 3—15 36-42HRC 18-20
    BeCo1Ni1 700-920 560-710 10—25 92-100HRB 45-60

    Available status
    Brush name ASTM name Description
    A TB00 Solution annealing state (quenched state)
    ¼H TD01 Quarter hard
    ½H TD02 Half hard (semi-hard)
    ¾H TD03 Three quarters hard state
    H TD04 Hard state (full hard)
    AT TF00 Standard aging heat treatment in quenched state
    ¼HT TH01 Quarter hard standard heat treatment
    ½HT TH02 1/2 hard standard aging heat treatment
    ¾HT TH03 Three-quarter hard aging heat treatment
    HT TH04 Standard aging heat treatment in hard state (process of comprehensive strengthening of deformation and aging)
    Note: In the Brush name:
    "A" stands for solid solution annealing (annealed, the alloy is in the softest state, and it is easy to be stamped and formed, and needs to be processed in the next cold process or directly strengthened during the expiration period);
    "H" stands for cold working state(hard);
    "T" indicates that the material has been subjected to aging hardening by standard heat treatment (heat treatment indicates that the aging strengthening heat treatment has been performed).

    Product application field